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Our mission is to provide cargo services and giving our clients our undivided attention. Your requirements will be dealt in a professional manner and delegate the process of transporting goods - both import and export international routes in Mexico and America.



We are dedicated in offering the most high quality services in auto transport. Import and export service, door to door, and hot shot's through our Mexico and the United States. We offer a wide variety of equipment for general merchandise, hazardous material, and heave equipment. The higher capacity and distribution the lower costs and time spent.


Our vision is to achieve and maintain leadership in the freight transport market. We want to be the best service choice in service to transport equipment. Our goal is to give our clients the consolidation of security and confidence in our services.


H & H Transport began operating in 2002 as a company specialized in the field of international freight transport are a young company with the clear objective of providing quality service and efficiency are fully convinced that our service is an integral part of client process. Our performance is geared to efficient care of their requirements in a timely manner. Currently H & H Transport has its own facilities in Laredo, Texas and a fleet of trucks, all of last generation, which allows us a competitive advantage in the market.


quality policy

We promise our customers to provide a highly competitive service and exceed their expectations, working on continuous improvement through ongoing review of our cargo units and ongoing training of our operators and staff, under a quality project that sets us apart service in freight transportation and logistics.





We put at your disposal our team of highly trained Operators, as well as traffic and logistics personnel who will assist you in handling your shipments. Our team is dedicated to our clients and responsible for technological, physical, and financial resources to comply in a timely manner.

Trucks load up to 10 tons. Our tractor trawl loads up to 20 tons and with capacity 700 kg.


We have platforms of 16", 20", 21 ", 24", 29" ft long, as well as, closed boxes and tractor trucks.


We also have the logistic service in dry box of 53" and 48" ft and box refrigerated 53" and 48" ft long.

All of our closed units have satellite tracking. Our customer can enter log into our customer page and you can see the exact location where the shipment is located.

Also, all our operators have Nextel radio for direct contact with our team. This way both parties will be able to send out updates on the delivery process.

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